October 3, 2013

Starting CS229

September has come and gone without a post. Work got unexpectedly busy but in a good way. I worked on a couple data science projects but didn’t reach any post worthy conclusions.

This week, I started Stanford’s Machine Learning class (CS229). It’s the last class that I need to take to finish the Mining Massive DataSets program. I’m excited to be almost done with the program but it’s also bittersweet as I have really enjoyed taking these classes.

I’m thinking about doing the Kaggle Facebook Recruiting competition for the class project. The contest has restrictions on team size (individuals only) and public discussion of the problem. I might not be able to post about my solution until the contest is over. While the challenge seems fairly straight forward, I’m planning to try advanced techniques to improve accuracy and reduce run-time. Even if they don’t work, I’m sure I’ll learn much from the experience.

The Fall should be busy but I don’t intend to let another month pass between posts!

Tags:  School , Kaggle