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2019/02/28 Kaggle Toxic Comments Competition NLP Kaggle TensorFlow DeepLearning
2018/02/19 Creating TF-IDF Weighted Word Embeddings NLP Kaggle
2018/02/08 Kaggle TensorFlow Speech Challenge Kaggle TensorFlow DeepLearning
2017/10/31 Silent but not Idle Meta Coursera DeepLearning PGMs
2016/01/29 Oh Holiday Spherical Quad Tree Kaggle DataScience
2015/11/03 Programmatically visualizing fall D3js Visualization SocialGood
2015/10/02 Having too much fun with climate analytics DataScience SocialGood R Python Projects Spark Visualization
2015/01/29 Skewing Around, Part 3 MachineLearning Streams
2014/12/12 Skewing Around, Part 2 MachineLearning Streams Julia
2014/10/28 Skewing around, Part 1 MachineLearning Streams R
2014/09/19 Customizing ggplot2 charts Visualization R ggplot2
2014/09/03 Site update Meta
2014/06/20 Learning About the Higgs Kaggle DataScience
2014/06/13 Kaggle Higgs Boson Challenge Kaggle
2014/05/09 Update Meta
2014/02/26 Kaggle Packing Santa Sleigh Challenge Kaggle Julia
2014/01/04 CS229 Project info School Classification Projects
2013/12/16 Finished CS229! School MachineLearning
2013/10/10 Good Data Visualization Talk Visualization Talks
2013/10/03 Starting CS229 School Kaggle
2013/08/18 Kaggle Amazon Employee Access Challenge Kaggle R
2013/07/24 Noooooooooo Kaggle R
2013/07/15 Coursera Machine Learning Class Coursera MachineLearning
2013/06/08 Drawing Arcs on Maps R
2013/05/14 A Simple R Framework for Testing Classifiers R Classification
2013/05/01 Curse You Coursera Education Coursera
2013/04/17 One Reduce, Two Outputs Hadoop
2013/04/13 Tell R, 'No Dingbats!' R
2013/04/11 Projects Projects
2013/04/04 First Post Meta